In a 2012 statistics, it has been found out that there are 15 million Americans who practice yoga. Of which an estimated 72% are women and 28 % are men. These statistics which sited NMASTA, YIAS, LiveStrong and Yoga Journal as sources listed that a total of $27 Billion has been spent for yoga products in US alone.

These statistics are still drawing even new yoga practitioners and enthusiasts. Yoga has several motivating factors that most practitioners found so positive and beneficial. Here are some of them:

Yoga ..

  • Develops flexibility.
  • Helps in proper blood circulation.
  • Promotes fitness.
  • Is meditative.
  • Can give peace of mind.
  • Advocates the search of one’s inner spirit.

Due to this many more wanted to experience its positive effects. So, are you new in yoga?

Questions by Beginners—Answered

1. What should I wear in my first time yoga session?

Yoga wear for women may include a yoga top or a sports bra and a yoga shorts or capris. This depends on your choice. You can combine and restyle your pairs of yoga clothing. Make sure that they are comfortable and won’t hinder you in doing Asanas. AND tie your hair too.

2. What should I bring in a yoga class?

You can bring your own mat but certain gyms can provide that for you. Bring your yoga bag filled with personal things, your towel, your bottled water and your other yoga equipment.

3. Will it be hard for first timers?

It will be a little bit difficult at first but yoga teachers will be there to help you. They can adjust your poses as well as your posture. With the right pose you can focus on your breathing.

4. What if I don’t know the chants?

If you are a first timer it is understandable. You can try to emulate your teacher or lip sync if not sure. When you are a bit confident already you can now join the chants.

5. What if I need to go to the comfort room?

You can go. As long as you do not disrupt the yoga class. But as much as possible try to hold it comfortably until the end of class, if you can’t, everybody will understand. Go quietly and return quietly.

6. Can I drink water during the session?

Of course, just make sure that you will not be too full. Water can bloat your stomach and it might hinder your poses.

7. How many times do I have to do a yoga class?
The frequency of your attendance depends on your own needs and your schedule as well. The more you do it the more you get comfortable and confident you are in doing it.

For added points you can try to see online yoga poses and try them at home. You can do this little by little until you become an expert in it. And if you have other queries, you can go to your yoga teacher, they will be happy to help you.

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